Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

What We Do For Our Clients

Auto Insurance

Having exclusive access to some of the best carriers around means choice. Insurance is nothing more than a transfer of risk to the insurance company. Let us help leverage your dollar for the best rates and coverage so you can focus on your own future. Find better coverage at a better price, what else could you ask for?

Motorcycle insurance

With several options to choose from, we can make sure that your  motorcycle is protected the way you want it to be. Whether it's getting those custom parts insured, having towing coverage or the stated value of your  policy, we're here to help you. Not all Motorcycle coverages are the same as auto insurance which is why we meet and educate everyone on the difference.

Life insurance

Whether you want to protect your loved ones, make sure you aren't a burden to others or wanting to protect your business we have options for you. Partnering with several top life companies gives us options and you choices. We don't fit the mold for typical life insurance conversations either, we want to hear from you what you are looking for and what is most important to you. Each client has a unique need and does not have a normal blanket recommended solution to their problem.

Home insurance

With all of the changes to homeowners over the past decade it is important to know how and what you are covered for. Most of our new clients come to us after finding out that the policy they have is not what they thought it was after that storm came through. This is why we provide not only options but clarity to an ever complicating industry.

recreational vehicles

Protecting your way to escape is just as important to us as it is for you. Many people and insurance companies overlook the risks on these and put clients at risk. Each and every client we talk to has a thorough knowledge, understanding and pricing to fit their need. Take the risk our of your fun and let us give you options today.

Risk Management

We take a different approach to manage the risks of our clients. We see where they are currently in life so we know what they are trying to protect. Next we look at what is most important to them and educate them on things that might derail them or their families lives. Most importantly each client walks out of the office with an actual plan so they can put what they say into  practice. Our clients sleep with both eyes closed at night knowing that the most important things in their lives are taken care of.

Renters insurance

A very overlooked policy with many people that are renting. They are generally very inexpensive policies and after combining your cars and receiving an additional discount they are almost free. Replacing all of your personal property can run up an expensive bill quickly. Our inventory checklist makes people understand the value they have.

umbrella policies

The most important job that we have as insurance agents is to protect you from a lawsuit. In Minnesota for example a person's wages can be garnished 25% until damages are recovered. Each client we have we go through a Liability Exposure worksheet to ensure they not only are protected but understand what their insurance is doing for them so they are blind sided from life's unexpected

Fee and portfolio analysis

We don't offer any products, mutual funds, etc. but that doesn't mean we send people out the door without much needed help. This is why we have clients and not customers or policy holders. This is what separates us from the average Insurance Agent. It's an additional service that Mark has a passion for that is just part of being with our agency. Mark has an extensive background in the financial industry and has advised for a Fortune #34 Company.